Stodge Podge and Mando celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 with style

Podge 2017 event day

Stodge Podge and Mando celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 with style

The glitterati of the creative industry descended on Manchester last Friday for the much-anticipated annual Stodge Podge networking event. This year’s theme was created by the Experience Design team at Mando, led by their Creative Director Steven Swann.

Over 160 attendees arrived at Manchester’s Harvey Nichols to a warm reception, greeted by students from Sheffield Hallam University who donned wigs and Dame Edna glasses. As guests arrived it was clear they loved the theme which Steven and his team had been challenged to develop and had successfully brought to life. 

As the event coincided with International Women’s Day 2017 celebrations the founder of Stodge Podge, Phil Jones, was keen to support the cause. Steve and his team brought a brilliantly bold creative angle to the serious aims of IWD2017 while maintaining the crucial elements networkers would expect from a Podge event.

Working closely with Phil and daughter Clare, Steve and his team set their sights on something truly memorable. The event showcased the idea’s off-beat sense of humour with iconic men-celebrating-women in a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ way, from Lily Savage and Dame Edna to Little Britain’s Emily Howard aka David Walliams.

Mando surpassed all expectations set by Phil and his team. With the help of Andy and his team at Icon the venue looked amazing with 5 over-sized iconic images suspended across the large windows. Opportunities for selfies included an Instagram board and an interactive augmented mirror complete with accessories. A fun menu sticker-book for guests to swap and share stickers promoted networking introductions.  Glitter was provided for male guests keen to embrace their creative side by adding a touch of sparkle and shine to their beards. Each table had an iconic woman to represent along with feather bowers and fun Dame Edna-style glasses.

The off-beat humour of the event was a ruse to highlight the serious focus of International Women’s Day 2017, with speeches on equality issues within the creative industry and homage paid to women whose impact on the world is widely celebrated, for example Hedi Lamar and Mother Teresa to name but a few.

As guests settled into their 3-course meal Phil Jones thanked Mando and other sponsors making the event such a resounding success. More mingling time followed along with a chance to drink the bar dry.

Steve Swann, Creative Director at Mando reflected on the event, “The team and I are totally blown away by the response and feedback we had on the day and afterwards. We kept our ideas under wraps as a surprise for Ian Finch, our MD, and boy was he surprised!

I’m proud of what we have achieved and want to say a massive thanks to Phil for giving us the opportunity to do the branding. Having worked with and known Phil for many years this was always something I have wanted to support him with; we got our opportunity and we delivered in style. We had some of the large posters from the event delivered back to the office and our staff are loving them!” 

Phil Jones, Stodge Podge founder, was quoted saying, “I’m completely blown away by the creative; it’s the best we’ve had at any of the Stodge Podge Events. The Mando team have surpassed themselves”.

Other quotes which made their way through social media were humbling: “Top marks to @swanniecd and @mandoagency team for some great creative. @samanthajbell Excellent branding…perfectly complemented by a truly splendid jacket” referring to Mando’s Creative Director sporting a maroon velvet jacket, a talking point throughout the day.

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