Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 5

Day 5 was the first day out of the Connect session, where we really start to develop and learn new skills.

Our sessions for the day were:

• Chelsea Slater and Euan Withersby with ‘Get Your Head Around Code’ from Liverpool girl geeks – A great up and coming company all about getting more girls into tech
• Hayden Evans & Keith price from Rippleffect – The trusted digital partner to ambitious brands and influential organisations

I’d actually already taken part in the Liverpool Girl Geeks’ ‘Get Your Head Around Code’ session (and wrote a blog on it!), so I was keen to see how much of what I’d learnt had stuck...

ICH 5 session one

Our group was split into two, with one group being run by Andy and Chelsea and the other by Euan.

We were tasked with creating an app on thimble for the Liverpool WaterFest 2017 – complete with plenty of guidance and help, of course! It was great seeing everyone - with varying levels of experience - get stuck into coding, and turns out, I’d remembered quite a lot from my initial session with Liverpool girl geeks; check out my final project.

After lunch we were ready for our session with Hayden & Keith from Rippleffect - one of the larger agencies in Liverpool with around 80+ staff. They gave us some great insight into how they work and develop, as well as what skills they look for when hiring Project Managers, Business Developers, Account Managers and more.

ICH 5 session two

We were then given a beastly brief... Organised into groups, we were to create a new idea for a children’s YouTube series - revolving around a monster. We were given some more information; it needed to be designed for 6-9 year olds, that humour was more popular, and no voice-over required - just animation.

We had to allocate specific roles within our group; draw, build and pitch. In our group of four we immediately clicked together and came up with our idea: a friendly, yet very clumsy, giant monster living in a tiny village with his little sibling who gets into all kinds of mischief and shenanigans.

Our group worked really well together and we had the perfect people for each job. I was given the job of pitching to the group and we came out really well. Everyone's ideas were so inspiring as we went around the groups. It was so nice to see that each group had come together with such different ideas. We each gave feedback on the groups and Hayden and Keith also shared their thoughts. It was truly one of the most fun activities we’d taken part in so far and really got us working together differently.

As always, we ended with saying how we each felt about the day and gave some feedback to Andy. I’m loving these sessions more and more each week, and I’m learning so many new skills and ways to develop myself, whilst also starting to come out of my own box a little.