How to get started with your Sitecore website

Few platforms possess the marketing capabilities that Sitecore offers, but with this brilliance comes complexity.

BIMA SXSW and Hair of the Dog

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the BIMA SXSW Hair of the Dog event at Essence in London.

Teaching machines how to be testers

If AI ever became that bit too advanced – say, Skynet of the Terminator films advanced – you can bet the first humans in its sights will be the software testers...

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 7

Taking place in the Baltic Triangle and working our way back to the Tempest building for the afternoon, brought a sense of adventure to the morning.

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 5

Day 5 was the first day out of the Connect session, where we really start to develop and learn new skills.

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