Teaching machines how to be testers

If AI ever became that bit too advanced – say, Skynet of the Terminator films advanced – you can bet the first humans in its sights will be the software testers...

Innovators Hub Catalyst – day 5

Day 5 was the first day out of the Connect session, where we really start to develop and learn new skills.

Mando's Strategy Director does SXSW... How did I even get here?

As our second substitute, within 24 hours, to jet off Texas, the last minute nature of Jonathan's trip does offer me a unique advantage in my time at #SXSWInteractive... the element of surprise.

Dumb-phones are the future…Nokia 3310 relaunch

Our Strategy Director looks beyond the nostalgia at the opportunities that artificial intelligence and Chabots bring to the evolution of mobile phones

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